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MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS has grown into a comprehensive IT distribution company for over 20 years, starting with MYUNGIN INFORMATION in 1997. Initially, the business started focusing on the supply of computer peripherals and parts such as CPU, SSD, and MAINBOARD, and in 2005, a separate corporation, MYUNGIN INNO, was established to expand the server business.

MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS has been making efforts to supply a variety of products to diversify its business. MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS has been striving to continuously supply reasonable and cost-effective products, and in order to continue these efforts, MTrue, own brand for server and workstation products was created to grow into the representative server and workstation product brand.

Created through an in-house idea generation contest in 2015, MTrue refers to products of MYUNGIN that impresses customers with durability and reliability. MTrue brand lineup expands into a variety of products, starting with workstations and server products, such as CPU coolers and hardlacks.
In addition, MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS tries to quickly meet customers who want high-performance computing in addition to offline customers by opening the online shopping mall called "MTrue Mall”

MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS has been a technology supplier partner of Intel,
the leading global IT hardware industry, for many years, and has maintained partnerships with global IT companies such as ASRock Rack, ATEN, and Quanta Cloud Technology in artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, video storage, and industrial PC, smart factory, etc.

MYUNGIN ELECTRONICS continues to strive to give customers better satisfaction and value by quickly and accurately identifying not only their needs but also wants through its efforts and experiences that have lasted over 20 years.

Won, Yongsun

Chief Executive Officer