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Mtrue MTrue S40260
Mtrue MTrue S3647-2UA
Mtrue MTrue S20070
Mtrue MTrue S40092
Mtrue MTrue S40200-Narrow
Mtrue MTrue S20200-Narrow
Mtrue MTrue S40090
Mtrue MTrue S20090
Mtrue MTrue S4189-2UA

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Mtrue CPU Cooler CPU Cooler
MTrue S40260
· 4U Server and Workstation
· AMD EPYC™ 7000 / 7002 Series
· OLGA4094(Socket SP3)
· Aluminum Material
· 119x92.5x126(mm)
· Screws and Springs
· 4-pin PWM, 3800 RPM, 38dBA
· 750g
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